Experts Admit Breast Cancer Screenings ‘No Longer Justified’, Dangerous

Anthony Gucciard
Natural Society

Even mainstream health officials are now admitting that breast cancer screening methods are not only ineffective, but are leading to improper diagnosis and unnecessary treatments — around 7,000 per year. As we have covered for quite some time, mammograms are routinely being ousted as a dangerous practice. It is only now that many doctors are admitting this fact, and of course mainly public health organizations are still way behind the curve and are continually calling on women to get dosed up with radiationvia the unjustified screening technique.

Danish scientist Professor Peter Gotzsche is the latest to speak out over the dangers of breast cancer screenings. Gotzsche explains that thorough analysis of the benefits and harms from screening clearly show that it does not actually reduce your overall risk of dying, nor the overall risk of dying from breast cancer. Instead, it causes unneeded ‘treatment’ as a result of false diagnosis.

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