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Quote: John Robison on the evils of society

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The Trials of Henry Kissinger

Even as it preaches to those who will relish its witch-hunting zeal, The Trials of Henry Kissinger makes a potent assertion that the legendary diplomat and former Secretary of State is guilty of crimes against humanity. Produced for the BBC, … Continue reading

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How Free Markets Will Beat Climate Change: Q&A with UCLA’s Matthew Kahn

Sharif Matar Reason TV Kahn, the author of Climatopolis: How Our Cities Will Thrive in the Hotter Future, argues that “well-meaning government actions” designed to combat the effects of global warming need to be scrutinized more than they have been. … Continue reading

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Foreign interests and mining prospects

Alan Jones 2GB Senator Bill Heffernan and Grantley Blake on foreign ownership and mining regulation. Listen to the podcast

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Part 1: Consequences (HBO: The Weight of the Nation)

HBO To win, we have to lose. The four-part HBO Documentary Films series, The Weight of The Nation explores the obesity epidemic in America. For more information on The Weight of the Nation, visit http://hbo.com/theweightofthenation.

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UKIP Leader Nigel Farage- BBC News, Fudged Cameron Referendum On EU Is No Good – 2nd July 2012

BBC News

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Murdoch may be a convenient demon, but the media is a junta

John Pilger johnpilger.com Australia is the world’s first murdochracy. US citizen Rupert Murdoch controls 70 per cent of the metropolitan press. He has monopolies in state capitals and provincial centres. The only national newspaper is his. He is a dominant … Continue reading

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On the Breadline – Greece

SBS Journeyman Pictures June 2012 With youth unemployment at 50%, the elderly losing their assets and ever-growing numbers going hungry, you don’t need to wander far on the streets of Athens to witness the impact of Greece’s debt crisis. “All … Continue reading

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Leaked document reveals Rio+20 sustainable development goals

John Vidal The Guardian Countries will be asked this summer to sign up for 10 new sustainable development goals for the planet and promise to build green economies at the first earth summit in 20 years. According to a leak … Continue reading

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Climategate 2.0: Lawson squishes Huhne

Source: Telegraph Have you noticed that whenever our beloved Energy and Climate Change Secretary Chris Huhne speaks his lips never move, only his butt cheeks? It was the same again on BBC Question Time last night. “But Huhne, this is … Continue reading

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