Self-Worth And How To Improve It

Source: Self Esteem Blog

Achieving a great plan, a grand mission or a goal is a more complex process in some cases than we give credit for. Sometimes goals can prove impossible to achieve for reasons we may at first be unaware of – or if we were aware, we are still unable to understand. At the heart of this issue can be the very nature of our sense of our Self-Worth. This can behave like a strange Joker Card in our personality pack.

First, I need to set this in context.

I agree there are many components to a measurable achievement. To start with one needs to have formed a clear vision of what our intent is. In fact the more substantial it is, then the more we need to see it emblazoned in our minds and feel it in our hearts, just as though it’s achieved – or like an already done-deal.

This ‘visioning process’ is possible by fine-tuning our natural skill of painting vivid pictures in our mind. In turn this needs to be reinforced by coupling it to a strong desire to achieve the successful outcome. These aspects drive the motivation within us. Remember it is the strength of the picture that draws us to find ways to make it become real!

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