Get Ready for the ‘Plate Reset’

Blake Lovewell | 21st Century Wire

The oft-overlooked ‘Food Security’ pillar of the Davos mafia’s ‘Great Reset’ agenda.

Imagine with me: a plate of food that fulfills all your nutritional needs, that is provided to you for free, that has a whole host of fancy labels declaring it, for example, carbon neutral and ‘fair trade.’ It is produced by a handful of global companies, who through thousands of experiments have produced this optimal super-food. There is genetically modified cauliflower that is rammed with extra vitamins, meat-free soya alternatives that provides protein and a ‘secret-sauce’ that makes everything taste amazing. It doesn’t sound too bad does it?

If somebody told you that there was a plan to revolutionise the global food system from the top down, would you believe them? Well perhaps after reading this article you will see that we are rapidly approaching that point today.

Food security is something that we in the West, for the most part, take for granted. There is affordable food in plentiful stock in shops in every town. The difficulty often is choosing from the plethora of worldly foods, which to eat for dinner – though it wasn’t ever thus. We humans have gone through periods of intense famine and great struggle for sustenance. Our bodies still have coping mechanisms for starvation and we are still driven by base urges for those sweet and fatty foods which would see us through Winters yore. It doesn’t seem like we will be returning to that hungerous state any time soon, surely not in this world of plenty.

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