Data that disprove the COVID-19 pandemic

Colleen Huber, Boris Borovoy |


A pandemic that calls the attention of the public, and action by the medical field, is one that raises the total death rate above that of a typical year or season. The COVID-19 era that began in early 2020 has received continuous and rapt attention in the United States for deaths that have occurred. Has COVID-19 resulted in more deaths (known as “excess deaths”) than would have happened in a typical year? An obstacle to answering that question is that COVID-19 testing is flawed and imprecise, for reasons discussed herein, and it is difficult to distinguish COVID-19 from other respiratory illnesses, due to symptoms and signs that are mostly indistinguishable from the common cold, flu or pneumonia. It is possible that deaths of multiple causes have been ascribed to COVID-19, especially due to new peculiarities in mortality reporting during 2020 discussed herein. Therefore, year-over-year comparison of deaths from all causes is likely the best analysis of available evidence of whether the United States is now confronted by a deadly pandemic. The CDC mortality numbers are as yet unaudited by independent parties. Therefore, we compare numbers of obituaries in 2020 and 2019, which are verifiable reports of deaths of specific, identified individuals. We also examine the earnings statements of the largest medical suppliers in the US, to see if their sales of medical oxygen and other medical equipment prove a pandemic. These data all indicate that there has been no pandemic in the US in 2020.

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