Secretive Club For Ultra-Wealthy Environmentalists Revealed

Zero Hedge |

Ultra-wealthy investors looking to direct vast sums of money into green investments (perhaps to atone for ‘climate sins’) have been joining in a secretive nonprofit dedicated to ‘speeding up the flow of capital into investments that can slow global warming,’ according to Bloomberg.

The club, Creo Syndicate, works with around 200 families who pay a ‘very reasonable’ flat fee to join, and must commit to making their first investment in climate and sustainability within six months, according to founder and director, Régine Clément.

Creo’s members include investor Jeremy Grantham and Nat Simmons – the son of Renaissance Technologies’ billionaire founder James Simmons. According to the report, “Part of building trust with wealthy families is keeping their secrets. In addition to Grantham and Simons, the group’s ranks include other well-known billionaires whose names Creo won’t disclose. A mantra is “no tourists allowed.”

“This is not philanthropy, this is investment,” said Clément, adding “We grow entirely through introductions. We never seek out a family.

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