Fracking forces eviction of entire Pennsylvania trailer park

An entire community in central Pennsylvania is being ordered to find new homes after a fracking operation has forced dozens of low-income earning residents to try to relocate from a local trailer park.

Nearly three-dozen families lived in Jersey Shore, PA’s Riverdale Mobile Home Park earlier this year, but all of that quickly changed. The owners of the 12-acre plot of land sold the property to Aqua America and Penn Virginia Resource Partners, who plan to soon start hydraulic fracturing — or fracking — where some trailers still stand today.

“Now I feel like an absolute refugee,” Eric Daniels, 43, tells He has invested more than $12,000 into a mobile home in Riverdale in only three short years, but the recent land transfer has forced him to flee the community. He tells reporters that it would have cost him $7,300 to relocate his home to another community where his monthly rent would be $325 more than what he pays today.

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