Monbiot: wrong again – ‘Peak Oil’ this time

James Delingpole
The Telegraph

Until recently George “Reverse-Cassandra” Monbiot was very, very worried about Peak Oil.

Here’s what he wrote in 2007:

The disasters invoked by the peaking of global oil supplies can be avoided only with a “crash progamme” beginning 20 years before it occurs. If some of the estimates in the department of energy’s report are correct, it is already too late.

Here he is conspiracy-theorising in 2009:

Last week two whistleblowers from the International Energy Agency alleged that it has deliberately upgraded its estimate of the world’s oil supplies in order not to frighten the markets…….If the whistleblowers are right, we should be stockpiling ammunition. If we are taken by surprise; if we have failed to replace oil before the supply peaks then crashes, the global economy is stuffed.

And here he is again, frightening Guardianista types, in 2009:

If we leave it any longer, and no politician seems to be taking Peak Oil seriously, then we are going to see total economic collapse.

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