Australians Desert the Carbon Tax

Andrew Puhanic
Activist Post

It’s official, Australians are now being forced to pay a carbon tax on the emissions they produce. The Clean Energy Legislative Package, passed by the Australian Senate on 8 November 2011 become law on 1 July 2012, sets out how Australia will introduce a carbon price (carbon tax) to reduce Australia’s carbon pollution.

The carbon tax will increase the cost of living for all Australians and, if effective, will only reduce Australia’s total contribution of global emissions by less than 0.05%. In fact, this will take more than 10 years for such savings to be realised.

The price of food, electricity, water, gas, petrol and other essential goods and services will all increase. The increase in the cost of doing business as a result of the carbon tax in Australia will soon make Australia one of the most uncompetitive countries to trade with.

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