Destructive Daydreams: Why Wishful Thinking is Dangerous


They say that if you can believe it and dream it, then you can make it come true.

It’s clearly not that easy. Indeed psychological research shows that wishful thinking can damage our drive to reach goals:

“The problem with positive fantasies is that they allow us to anticipate success in the here and now. However they don’t alert us to the problems we are likely to face along the way and can leave us with less motivation—after all it feels like we’ve already reached our goal.” (From: Success! Why Expectations Beat Fantasies)

Now a new study has found that:

“…fantasies about an idealized future may indeed lead to poor decisions. Such fantasies create a preference for information about pros rather than cons, particularly when people are not yet serious about pursuing the realization of the future.” (Kappes & Oettingen, 2012)

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