Child-Targeted Ads Concern ‘90% Of Parents’

Darren Little
Sky News/Yahoo News

The vast majority of parents remain concerned about the sexualisation of childhood, a year after the Government pledged to tackle the issue.

A report has found that 90% of parents are concerned by inappropriate adverts, billboards and music videos.

The survey also discovered that the 85% of parents have never heard of the website ParentPort , which the Government created to offer them advice and help make a complaint.

Chris Moriarty from CIM research which carried out the survey told Sky News: “We’ve definitely seen improvements, the examples we saw last year were shocking, the pole dancing kits and such like, we’re not seeing those anymore, but the innocent mistakes people are making, they haven’t completely thought a product through.

“An example is a ‘Future WAG’ t-shirt which is one of those innocent mistakes where you think, what is the really harm? But if you looked at the bigger picture, it’s those sorts of products that might need a re-think.”

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