What Did The Chicken On Your Plate Eat?

Anne Gordon

Would you eat chicken that ate arsenic and banned antibiotics? You probably already have.

When eating that delicious nugget, or scrumptious chicken salad…. do you ever wonder how the tender, juicy, and appealing shades of pink get to your dinner plate? Welcome factory farming.

The human consumption of poultry products is more than any other animal.  Each year, factory farms raise about 9 billion broiler chickens. The ‘rendering industry’ is a recycling business that converts animal byproducts into marketable materials, including feed.

Following the poultry slaughter, feathers are routinely rendered into a feather meal and sold as animal feed. This provides a potential pathway for reentry of their feed into the human food chain.

A very strange and disturbing brew is fed to chickens, combining rendered chicken parts, and pharmaceuticals. Keeve Nachman, a researcher at Johns Hopkins University led a team to see if antibiotics were given to chickens. A chemical panel (test) also looked for other chemicals found, and what they accidently discovered, was appalling, shocking many.

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