Made to last … but not forever

Sydney Morning Herald

As manufacturing’s decline bites hard in Sydney’s west, old hands cherish the skills of a passing era. Stuart Washington reports.

It bears the fancy name ”industrial estate” but there’s nothing fancy about the light industry in Revesby.

There are big metal sheds with towering sliding doors, cyclone fences topped with barbed wire, patchy grass on nature strips, trucks jerking and braking their way in and out of driveways, and yards with shipping containers stacked three high.

In their sheer ordinariness, Revesby and surrounding industrial areas are an unlikely centre of a battle about the future of manufacturing and a battle about what kind of country Australia becomes.

Revesby and the nearby areas of Chipping Norton and Moorebank have suffered some of the heaviest casualties in the battle, exclusive statistics analysed by the Heraldshow.

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