Constitutional Homeopathy

Classical homeopathy is an area that deals with finding one remedy that relates to the symptom through reference to a materia medica.  For best results and offering little room for error, a precisely matched remedy of a dose 200C or more is given. The dose is repeated after a certain period of time.

Constitutional homeopathy is an area of homeopathy that deals with finding one particular remedy that matches an individual’s total physical, mental and emotional symptoms over a long period of time or matches their personality type.  It does not consider temporary changes caused by acute sickness, which really obscure the person’s real constitution and must be dealt with adequately treated. Constitutional homeopathy can speed the process of case taking of symptoms, resulting in a faster assessment of physical symptoms. Constitutional homeopathy works by stimulating psychological changes in a client, making simple changes in attitude, or simply reorganizing thoughts.

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The process of finding the correct remedy must include both the physical and mental symptoms, paying close attention to the body language of the client such as posture, walking, sitting and answering mannerism; speech patters; physiology; hair, eyes, and skin color, weight and bone structure body language. Then, eliciting information from the client about the symptoms, and the client’s life and noticing how the client describes them, and at the same time noticing their emotional state. After recording the symptoms, the symptoms are then matched to the personality type which is then cross-referenced with the materia medica.  When the correct remedy is selected and initial dose is given, some time is allowed for the remedy to take effect, and it is not repeated unless its effect has stopped producing results or a relapse has occurred.

The individualized and holistic approach of homeopathy involves understanding that both the physical and mental symptoms are important and required for correct matching of a remedy. Symptoms are seen as a body’s defense system and are indicators of the condition of the body. Symptoms should never be suppressed but stimulated for the body to repair itself. Suppressing symptoms are a sure way to delay recovery and hindering the natural healing process of the body.

The unique benefits of selecting homeopathy are: it’s holistic approach and the welcoming of symptoms; its gentle way of stimulating body’s inner healing processes without side effects and its inexpensive natural medicines which are plant, mineral or animal based.


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