Toxic chemical found in school shoes

Natalie O’Brien
The Herald

A toxic chemical banned in Europe because it can cause burns, rashes and respiratory troubles has been found in imported children’s school shoes sold by major retailers. Tests undertaken three months ago by the Council of Textile and Fashion Industries revealed 25 per cent of the shoes it bought and tested contained the toxic chemical DMF (dimethyl fumarate).

The tests follow a report by the council two years ago, which showed batches of children’s school, sports and casual shoes contained numerous harmful chemicals, also banned in other countries.

Despite the results – and the same shoes being sent earlier this year to the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission, which is responsible for product safety – no action has been taken.

”We have taken it to the product safety authority and tried to raise awareness over the past few years, but nothing has been done,” said the textile council’s senior adviser, Andreas Schimkus.

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