The Nine Antidotes To Stress

According to Chopra (1993), the greatest aging agent in our world is the inability to cope with stress. Here is a list of nine separate antidotes to stress:

  1. Laughter – is beneficial for the body and mind by countering the effects of stress. It is spontaneous and outside our conscious control.
  2. Exercise – stimulates neurochemicals that make you feel naturally high, conteracting the effects of stress.
  3. Breathing – restores the natural rhythm that is lost during periods of stress.
  4. Music – through full enjoyment and attention is a great antidote to stress.
  5. Visualization – is created through a relaxing and pleasurable experience.
  6. Meditation – includes breathing awareness and primordial sounds to relax the mind.
  7. Sleep – natural restorer of balance and a reducer of stress.
  8. Contact with nature – staying in contact with nature almost always reduces the level of stress one experiences in a man made environment.
  9. No need for control – trying to control everything is stressful and counterproductive. Relaxing and going with the flow is beneficial to restoring balance.


Chopra, D.  (1993). Ageless Body, Timeless Minds. New York, NY: Three Rivers Press.

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