When You Heat Natural Plant-Based Foods You Get Acrylamide and Cancer

Natasha Longo
Prevent Disease

Nature has a funny way of showing us not to disrupt the perfection of organic produce. Changing the chemical structure of many natural foods, such as exposing them to high heat can promote cancer. Acrylamide is a chemical that naturally forms in certain foods, particularly plant-based foods that are rich in carbohydrates and low in protein, during processing or cooking at high temperatures. We’re not only referring to foods like french fries or potato chips, but hundreds of conventional foods that are “ready to eat” in the grocery aisle including cookies, breakfast cereals, popcorn, pizza and even ground coffee.

It’s one of the reasons many raw food enthusiasts go raw in the first place. The move to such dietary lifestyles usually stems from the disease promoting chemicals attached to the processed food industry. Acrylamide is just one of many.

It was first confirmed that acrylamide caused cancer in 2002 by the Swedish National Food Authority, however many have long suspected that heating any foods to high temperatures can pose problems to long-term health. The study tested common foods like Folgers instant coffee, Cheerios, and even french fries. The results were so shocking that it sent a tidal wave of concern throughout the scientific community that engulfed the World Health Organization, consumer activists, food manufacturing plants, cancer specialists and nutritionists. Since then, independent studies in the United States, Germany, Norway, Switzerland, and England have confirmed the link between acrylamide consumption and risk of developing cancer.

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