Swedish doctor censured after refusing to do abortion

Hilary White

STOCKHOLM, May 15, 2012 (LifeSiteNews.com) – A general practitioner has been censured by the Swedish health authorities after saying no to an abortion, The Local, an English language Swedish newspaper reports.

In 2010, a woman went to the doctor, who with her patient is not named in the papers, asking for an abortion at her local gynecology clinic. The doctor reportedly began to have second thoughts after the woman’s husband asked the day before the scheduled abortion if there were any alternatives. The doctor reportedly cancelled the abortion appointment, saying the woman “didn’t seem to be mentally balanced and in a condition to make well-reasoned decisions.”

The National Board of Health and Welfare told the physician that her only task is to carry out the wishes of the patient, regardless of her estimation of the patient’s mental state. She was also criticised for having breached patient confidentiality by discussing the case with the woman’s husband.

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