4,000 people back campaign to protect GM wheat trial

Alistair Driver
Farmers Guardian

AROUND 4,000 people, including high profile celebrities, MPs, farmers and scientists, have signed a petition urging protestors not to destroy a genetically modified (GM) wheat trial.

The petition, run by Sense About Science, represents the next stage in the campaign to stop protestors operating under the banner, ‘Take Back the Flour’, carrying through their threat to destroy the trial at the Rothamsted Research institute, in Hertfordshire, on May 27.

The highest profile signatory is actor and radio and TV presenter Stephen Fry, while other supporters include local MP and former Minister Peter Lilley, BBSRC chief executive Douglas Kell and writer Matt Ridley.

Eight Rothamsted scientists, led by led by Professor John Pickett, recently took the unprecedented step of appealing publicly to the protestors in an open letter not to destroy the trial.

They asked the protestors to ‘reconsider before it is too late, and before years of work to which we have devoted our lives are destroyed forever’.

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