Shock study: Organs harvested from euthanized patients make better transplants

Source: LifeSiteNews

LEUVEN, Belgium, June 16, 2011 ( – A disturbing study conducted by Belgian doctors and reported on in the medical journal Applied Cardiopulmonary Pathology involved killing patients via euthanasia in a room next to the hospital’s operating theater, and then wheeling them next door and harvesting their organs immediately after being pronounced dead. The study found that lungs from those who die by euthanasia are more suitable for transplant surgery than lungs taken from accident victims.

Dirk Van Raemdonck from the Department of Thoracic Surgery at the University Hospital Gasthuisberg, and the leader of the study titled “Initial Experience With Transplantation of Lungs Recovered From Donors After Euthanasia,” compared the results of lung transplants from donors who died from trauma, typically serious head injuries, to the use of lungs from donors after euthanasia in the years 2007 to 2009.

According to the report, three of four patients who received lungs from euthanized patients were released from hospital after 33 days “with excellent post-transplant graft function and good early recipient outcome,” while “one recipient died in the ICU from a problem unrelated to the graft.”

The report notes, “All donors expressed their wish for organ donation once their request for euthanasia was granted according to Belgian legislation. All donors suffered from an unbearable non-malignant disorder.”

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