Potent protein heals wounds, boosts immunity and protects from cancer

Dr. Hans Vogel

Special issue on disease fighting properties of lactoferrin

Ottawa, Ontario (April 30, 2012)–Lactoferrin is an important iron-binding protein with many health benefits. The major form of this powerful protein, is secreted into human biofluids (e.g. milk, blood, tears, saliva), and is responsible for most of the host-defense properties. Because of the many beneficial activities associated with it, researchers are starting to use lactoferrin as a potential therapeutic protein. And, in contrast to many other therapeutic proteins, which need to be injected into patients, lactoferrin can be orally active. Lactoferrin is the subject of the upcoming June issue of the journal Biochemistry and Cell Biology.

“We now know that lactoferrin is a protein that has many functions in innate immunity and that it plays a role in protecting us from bacterial, viral, fungal, and protozoal infections. It can even protect us from some forms of cancer,” says special issue guest editor Dr. Hans Vogel, a professor at the University of Calgary. “Some people describe this protein as the ‘Swiss army knife’ of the human host defense system. In part it does all this by binding iron, but many other properties of the protein contribute to its function.”

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