Karjoo’s Skin Phenomenon Replacing Unknown Morgellons Disease

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LOS ANGELES, April 20, 2012 /PRNewswire/ —┬áThe term “Morgellons” was coined in 2002 by a woman name Mary Leiato, whose young boy suffered a rash and ulcer around his mouth, combined with fiber that protruded from his skin. When this issue became prominent on the Internet, a lot of people rushed to the clinics and told physicians that they were suffering from Morgellons disease. This terminology was not known in the medical community and the presentation of the patients was very bizarre; the medical community, therefore, did not understand what they were dealing with. Many physicians refused to accept these patients, and no Morgellons disease treatment was offered. Some physicians labeled them as delusional or psychotic and referred them to a psychologist. After a while, many victims became hopeless, losing their jobs and families; ultimately, a few even became suicidal.

In 800 B.C., the first Persian physician, Zakaria Razi said that any human disease should be first given a name and terminology according to physical and historical findings, then researched by the experts and scientists until they find the cause and present it to the medical community. The final step is finding the treatment and following up with the patient.

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