Lord Heseltine says UK will join the euro

BBC News

Conservative peer and former deputy prime minister Lord Heseltine has told the BBC that he thinks the UK will join the euro “if it survives”.

The pro-European politician, recently appointed as a government adviser, told the Daily Politics Britain had “failed” to resist European integration.

Lord Heseltine said European countries would “cling on” to the euro.

The eurozone faced a “crisis” but he said it was a “very Eurosceptic view” to see the euro as a “failed project”.

Asked if he thought the UK would adopt the single currency, he said: “If it survives, and my guess is it will survive, my guess is in the future – it won’t be this week or next week or next year – we will do so, because the whole process of Europeanisation we have resisted and we have failed at every turn.

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