Do you have Carborexia?

Daily Mail

Cut back on carbs to lose a few pounds, by all means, but if you start to view white sliced as the devil incarnate and shudder at the mere sight of spuds, you could be suffering from carborexia – which can affect your happiness as well as your health, says Charlotte Methven 

My name is Charlotte and I am a recovering carborexic. For many months, I balked at the sight of a bread basket and couldn’t so much as eat a piece of sushi without imagining that the little blob of sticky rice was somehow going to give me a muffin top. And I was not alone… Say the word ‘carbohydrate’ to a group of women and you’ll induce a collective shudder.

Not so long ago, to lose weight you simply ate less food. But a steady wave of trendy diets over the past few decades, from Atkins (founded in the 1970s and rediscovered in the mid-noughties) and South Beach, to the current favourite Dukan, have managed to convince us that the secret to a slim figure lies not in mere moderation, as good sense would dictate, but in adopting a low-carb diet. Where once calories were ruthlessly counted and controlled, now it’s potatoes, cereals, pasta, rice and bread – foods that were once staples but have now been invested with evil powers and unceremoniously ejected from our diets.

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