Victory in Canada: Restrictive Education Bill Defeated

Mike Smith

The impossible has happened in Alberta, Canada. Homeschoolers were fighting for their very freedom to teach truth according to their conscience and convictions. A bill that was destined to pass, and would have given the government authority over the education content of every child in Alberta, including homeschoolers and private school students, was defeated Monday.

The ruling party has called for an election and by so doing, the legislative session is officially ended; therefore the government’s attempt to take over all education in Alberta was defeated for lack of a vote.

The government had a vast majority of support from the legislators but as a result of a constant barrage of opposition from homeschoolers via email, phone calls, personal visits to legislators and rallies, the dangerous bill was defeated. The last rally mobilized over 2,000 homeschoolers who expressed their outrage in speeches and loud cheering for freedom and liberty. Observers said it was the largest rally at the capitol they had ever seen. The Canadian homeschoolers learned that grassroots lobbying can make a difference.

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