10 Cancer-Causing Substances Found In Any Developed Society

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There are a number of probable and possible carcinogens in every workplace and community, including household environments. The following are ten cancer-causing agents that affect a high percentage of the public. Here’s where to find them.


Associated cancers:

Lung cancer

What is it?

Crystalline silica is a component of soil, sand, and rocks (like granite and quartzite). Only quartz and cristobalite silica that can be inhaled as particles are designated known carcinogens.

Where is it found?

  • In the air during mining, cutting, and drilling.
  • Household cleaners, paints, glass, brick, ceramics, silicon metals in electronics, plastics, paints, and abrasives in soaps.

Mode(s) of exposure:


Occupations most at risk:

Quarry workers, plasterers, drywallers, construction workers, brick workers, miners, stonecutters (including jewellery), workers involved in drilling, polishing, and crushing, pottery makers, glassmakers, soap or detergent manufacturers, farmers, dentists, and auto workers.

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