Naked face project: Women try no-makeup experiment

Kim Painter
USA Today

Molly Barker, 51, and Caitlin Boyle, 27, also have stopped styling their hair, painting their nails, wearing jewelry, donning high heels or shaving anything.

They call it The Naked Face Project. Their mission: To go two months without their beauty routines so that they can answer a question: Why do they do these things anyway?

It’s a question they say comes from young girls in Girls on The Run, a running and self-esteem program Barker founded in 1996 that now has chapters in more than 190 cities. Barker, a triathlete, social worker and mother of two, says, “So many times, a little girl will say ‘If you tell me I’m beautiful just the way I am, why do you color your hair or wear makeup?’ ”

For nearly 60 days, two women from Charlotte, N.C., have been doing something that many women say they could never do: leave the house without makeup.

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