Systems Thinker

For as long as I can remember, I have been trying to understand why our world is so replete with cruelty, destructiveness, waste, neglect and injustice, often to the point of outright absurdity. As I grew from childhood toward adulthood, I increasingly accepted that it was inevitable, and the fault of nobody specific, that we encounter some of these harmful phenomena. But, even after coming to terms with the fact that life could never be completely pain-free, much of its suffering still seemed to me needless, senseless and preventable.

Over the years, I came into contact with a variety of sources that each helped shed light on the mysteries of apparently unnecessary harm and, thus, improved my understanding of why our world is as it is.

Daniel Quinn’s work ingeniously explained how a great deal of the excessive harm in our world stems from the rise of civilization and our associated rapacious culture, hell bent on unsustainable levels of acquisition, dominance and expansion, which he refers to as the culture of the Takers.

Derrick Jensen’s work devastatingly demonstrated the inextricable link between civilization and violence on all levels of human systems.

Many other works taught me about how corruption and abuse emerge and play out in relationships, family systems, workplaces, religious communities and nations, as well as globally.


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