Media, messages, and Turkish soap operas

Richard Brenneman
eats shoots ‘n leaves

Beyond the inevitable culture wars over blatant displays of sexuality, near nudity, and drug [alcohol] use — the very same things that outrage Christian fundamentalists in the U.S. — there’s an even deeper context, and that revolves around selling consumerism and the economic model it embodies.

Turkey has embarked on the same economic path charted by the West’s industrial nations at precisely the moment when that modeled, premised on ceaseless growth financed by ever-compounding debt, is nearing collapse.

The media offer a distorted reality, playing to and sensationalizing our basic instincts. The reason is simple. The financial function of commercial media is the delivery of eyeballs to advertisers. And what prompts desire for the consumer products they peddle than an aroused viewer?

Source: Reuters

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