European Home Education Conference 2011: Neil Taylor

Neil Taylor
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“The people never give up their liberty but under some delusion.”
Edmund Burke 1784

It is the nature and intent of that delusion which I want to explore in this talk in the hope of better enabling us to know what it might be worthwhile to attempt to do to improve conditions for us as home educators, and what might be hopeless action or worse. Please bear with me if what follows does not at first seem to have much to do with home education. I promise I will try to justify its inclusion.

The state is the principle manufactory of mass delusion, and almost everything it does has this quality of appearing to be one thing, but really being another, usually opposite thing. Parliaments are really now reduced to little more than pantomimes, staged to entertain us with the illusion of sovereign government we voted for, as it simply dresses up and puts into place the directives of global governance to which it is signed up and legally committed to. Much of what passes for national policy can be found in the EC Lisbon 10 year strategies (1) and in the UN Agenda21 (2) for example, but these are not the only sources. There is a vast bewildering world of more institutions than it is possible to imagine let alone remember out there, all dedicated to expertly determining for us how we shall all live, and what we will think and believe and even feel about it all. Web surf through this morass sometime if you have never done so, and you will begin to understand your intended place in the totally managed world.

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