Beyond Hydration: The Shocking Intelligence of Water

Dr. James Chappell
Natural Society

Based on propaganda from medical media outlets, Oprah’s Vitality magazine, and writer Leslie Goldman, drinking eight, eight ounce glasses of water daily is passé, stating; “The recommendation to chug all that H2O was likely based on guidelines published in 1945.” So?

Although I agree with Ms. Goldman’s goal of “eating your water” through hydrating foods such as cucumber, celery and watermelon, water is not what you think it is. And eating your water really depends on the water you are eating. Consuming commercial, pesticide laden, dead food is not what you want inside you, be it water or fiber substance.

Water or H2O is the liquid form of gases made of two parts hydrogen and one part oxygen. Water is a universal solvent cleansing every part of the body including the cells. At the highest level, water is a transporter of energy, thoughts and frequencies. I have said for over 40 years, “Water is so intelligent; it created humans to move itself around.” Let’s see why…

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