Global Dimming for Dim Environmentalists

Joe Scanlan
Sovereign Independent

With aircraft still spraying overhead on a daily basis I thought I’d point out to those intellectuals, too dim to notice, that deliberate global dimming is a fact, and that exhaling CO2, or flatulent cows expelling methane or obsessive recycling have nothing whatsoever to do with it. I first saw a chemtrail in 1998. It was circular and spread out into an artificial cloud. I know this because I saw it with my own two eyes. I also know that scheduled flights don’t go around in a small circle, switch off the contrail nozzle leaving the contrail to turn into a cloud and then head off  back to base, but then unlike the indoctrinated academics and Maoist children with their little green books I’m a conspiracy query.

In the global warming, cooling, climate change, climate challenge de-bait or whatever the latest codswallop the propaganda media pumps out like a vaccine into the gullible sheepskull, all’s quiet on the global dimming front. The environmentalists don’t mention global dimming much anymore because guess what, YOU CAN SEE THEM DOING IT TO YOU.

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