Self-Esteem And The Gift Of Challenging People: Part One

Nanette Burton Mongelluzzo
Psych Central

We all know people who are a challenge. We may love a challenging person or we may work with one. A challenging person can be your friend, a family member, or a neighbor. They are difficult and you may find yourself having to work hard to interact with them. They challenge you to find increasingly better ways to stay centered. They challenge you to become a better person.

Self-esteem refers to how well you value yourself. The self is many things, but in a nutshell we are referring to the “sum total” of who you are, including all of your known strengths and your shortcomings. Someone with healthy self-esteem is able to see both sides.

Self-esteem can be influenced by who we know. It’s easy for some to say that we can just eliminate negative people from our lives and that is that. This is easier said than done. What happens if the negative or challenging person is a loved one or someone who you really don’t want to cut out of your life, at least not yet?

If you don’t want to replace that challenging person, you can attempt to understand them. Stephen Covey is known for his books and his quotes. One of his characteristics of the highly successful person is “seek to understand before you seek to be understood.”

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