Debt-laden Greeks give vent to anti-German feelings

Mark Lowen
BBC News

In a smoky Athens newsroom, the popular cartoonist Stathis Stavropoulos scribbles down his latest drawing.

It is one of his typical pictures: a German soldier, a gas chamber and a caption about Greek jobs being burnt. Comic art that draws on a growing anti-German feeling, as Greeks hit out at a country seen as pushing the austerity drive and deepening the recession.

“Germany has already tried twice to make Europe German,” he says. “This time it’s through economic means. We have to resist that. We have no bad feelings towards the German people – only towards the government and European banks.”

The rift between the two countries has grown steadily; there is increasing resentment among Germans that they are largely footing the bill for the ever-growing Greek bailouts. German media have written about Greeks as lazy and unproductive.

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