Ten Steps to Optimum Health – Part 1

Dr. James Chappell
Natural Society

For over 40 years, I have been a voracious reader. Back in the day, I subscribed to 25 journals or more each month. In addition, I tried to read two or more books per month. Daily, I read multiple reference books and both the New York and LA Times cover to cover. Today, most of what I read comes from the internet and books, hours upon hours of research from one subject to the next. I receive dozens of so-called email “newsletters” and peruse websites reading the latest of “stuff” out there. And most of it is “stuff”.

There are literally thousands of doctor and self-help websites pitching their products, services and information — truthful or not.

On the experimental orthodox medical side, they push their clinics and hospitals as they use drugs, chemotherapy, radiation and surgery to treat disease. On the so-called natural healing side, they push their clinics and spas with many pitching supplements, herbs, devices and other “stuff” to also treat disease. What’s the difference? Other than the obvious toxic side-effects of experimental orthodox medicine, not much, for both treat disease.

Many in natural healing are simply using natural protocols in an allopathic (symptom treating) application. As an example, if you have a headache, your medical doctor might suggest aspirin and your natural healing doctor might suggest the herb feverfew. Both suggestions only treat the symptom of a deeper underlining concern. From a brain tumor, allergy, hormonal imbalance to spinal subluxations or misalignments, there are many causes of headaches; and the cure is always found in the cause. Taking aspirin or feverfew will never get to the cause, and therefore you are only treating symptoms.

Almost four decades ago, I was taught a different approach to health and healing. I was taught how to find simplicity in the complexity of life. As stated, the cure is always found in the cause. We must always seek the cause for health challenges and then the signs, signals and symptoms will simply disappear. I was also taught we must stop doing those things that contribute to dis-ease first and then start doing those things that contribute to health. As doctors or healers, we should suggest the minimum in recommendations and supplementation for the maximum result. The below is a simple ten step program for achieving optimum health and longevity.

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