Phase change: Australian politics turns liquid

Joanne Nova

Who says it’s only Rudd versus Gillard? Abbott came from nowhere.

Australia may have a new Prime Minister as soon as next week. Former PM, Kevin Rudd has just resigned from his Foreign Ministership so he’s going to challenge the current PM, and it could be any day.

Here in Australia everyone seems to be saying it’ll be either Rudd or Gillard… but think back to the way another candidate can emerge when the heat is on. That’s what happened to the Liberals (our conservatives) when Abbott appeared.

Back in 2009 the Climate Change monster rose up to break our conservative party. It was the week after ClimateGate I broke and we were supposed to be getting the emissions trading scheme the day after the unlucky New Zealanders got theirs. The uproar was huge, the Liberals were reborn, and we got a leader that no one expected — Tony Abbott — albeit by just one vote.

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