Tanzania: Research Is Not Showing the GMOs Are Harmless

Anne Outwater
All Africa

A few years ago I started experiencing a sharp metallic taste in my mouth. It was alarming. I explored the internet and found little news except that it was not an uncommon experience, a definite cause could rarely be found -but usually it would disappear in a few months. Such a horrible taste.

I traced all the food I had eaten. The only thing different from my usual diet was biscuits from South Africa. I returned to the store to look at the package; the label was full of small words with meanings I did not know well. But one of the main ingredients was corn syrup – in South Africa this is mostly made from genetically modified corn.

I have hardly eaten any processed food from South Africa since – I have not had the metallic taste return. Of course this is not proof that the two aspects are related- it’s just a feared correlation. Genetic engineering is a radical new technology that forces genetic information into organisms’ DNA in an unnatural way.

Genetically engineered organisms (GMOs) are created by inserting a protein from a different organism into the original organisms’ genome. This is usually done to create a plant that is more resistant to insects or diseases. Shockingly little research has been done on the effects of genetically modified organisms when ingested as food by human beings.

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