EU’s Prodi Admits Leaders Knew Euro Would Cause Ruin but Hoped Political Union Would Follow

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The Flowers that Launched the Euro … To mark the anniversary of the arrival of the euro in the form of notes and coins, euronews spoke with Romano Prodi, who in 2002 was President of the European Commission …. Prodi: “Well, the difficult moments were predictable. When we created the euro, my objection, as an economist (and I talked about it with Kohl and with all the heads of government) was: how can we have a common currency without shared financial, economical and political pillars? The wise answer was: for the moment we’ve made this leap forward. The rest will follow … Then instead came the Europe of fear: fear of China, fear of immigrants, fear of globalisation. So it was clear that this crisis would arrive. But the euro is so important, it’s so convenient for everyone — especially Germany — that I’ve no doubt that the euro won’t just survive, but it will be one of the landmarks for the world economy.” – euronews

Dominant Social Theme: The Euro is a fragrant blossom.

Free-Market Analysis: The EU‘s top politicos knew what was going to happen to the European Union and in fact, they planned for it. We can see from this shockng excerpt (above) just how duplicitous these “leaders” were.

Yes, Romano Prodi has now actually admitted it. Those running the EU, and those standing behind them, are trying to create world government and the European Union was evidently and obviously created as a stepping-stone.

The EU was not presented as a rung on the ladder to world government but that’s what it has become. Initially, it was just supposed to be a trade association but it should be clear to an unbiased observer that was just a disguise. The end result was what it is becoming.

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