Guest Post: When Debt Is More Important Than People, The System Is Evil

Charles Hugh Smith
Zero Hedge

The Empire of Debt has only one end-point: a death spiral. It is evil and must be dismantled.

Ethics has no place in the Empire of Debt. The financialized Status Quo is careful to limit the language used to describe the situation in Greece to the subtexts of “obligations” and “avoiding chaos.”

The reality being masked is that debt is now more important than people. The suffering of the people of Greece is presented as a footnote to the financial play being staged; when the suffering is noted, it is presented with a peculiar set of unspoken subtexts:

1. Looky-loo detachment of the “gosh, look at that wrecked car, are there any bodies?” sort. People slow down to look at car crashes, and they revel in videos of riots with the same detached fascination with mayhem that doesn’t involve them. Tsk tsk, how awful, etc.

2. They’re reaping what they sowed, “they made their bed, now they have to sleep in it,” i.e. the suffering of Greek non-Elites is the richly deserved consequences of their government overborrowing.

This begs further investigation. In the normal course of affairs in corrupt kleptocracies, various Elites siphon off most of the swag and the commoners get just enough shreds to buy their complicity. In other words, it may well be that the entire populace of Greece benefitted handsomely from the massive State borrowing, but it also may well be that the private-sector Greeks received little of the swag. In this case, they don’t “deserve” to be forced into debt-serfdom by their Euroland overlords.

The ethics of debt, at least in the officially sanctioned media, boils down to: nobody made them borrow all those euros, and so their suffering is just desserts.

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“The system we are living in if we take away all the flags, banners, propaganda and the tinsel, THIS SYSTEM IS ANTI-HUMAN. THERE’S NOTHING HUMAN ABOUT IT . IT’S ANTIHUMAN. It “croaks” the life out of humanity. It’s the epitome of dog-eat-dog, at all levels, and this is the system we’re being taught is the only way to go. Then they wonder as everyone competes against everyone else as they leave school. They’re all trained to compete and run after the carrots, and elbow everybody else out of the way, as you try to grab that carrot. That’s called “civilization.” …… The SYSTEM is CORRUPT , ALWAYS WAS . In a MONETARY SYSTEM you CAN NEVER get anything else BUT CORRUPTION.”

– Alan Watt ( extract from a blurb on the 30th of Nov, 2006.


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