Brzezinski: West Needs a Long-Term Sense of Purpose

Nathen Gardels
Huffington Post

Zbigniew Brzezinski, one of America’s leading strategists, was national security advisor to President Jimmy Carter. His just-published book is Strategic Vision: America and the Crisis of Global Power. He spoke on Friday with Global Viewpoint Network editor Nathan Gardels.

Nathan Gardels: The core of your strategic vision for the future is of a “larger West” comprised of democratic powers that accommodates China. Yet the West, starting with the U.S., is in a period of political decay.

As you have noted, while China focuses on the long term and plots out its future, the U.S. in particular is beset with a short-term mentality. In effect, we are no longer an “industrial democracy” in the strict sense, but a “consumer democracy” where all the feedback signals — the market, the media and politics — are short term and geared to immediate gratification.

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