Q&A: Work and it’s negative impact on health


Question: Can work negatively impact our health?

Answer: Work can undermine oneĀ“s health and happiness when it becomes so serious that we believe that we can not do it; when we have no choice and it suffocates us; it is created on unrealistic objectives that do not address physical, emotional and spiritual needs. Ways to avoid the above situations are: to regularly exercise your creativity and body through exercise and breathing; accepting yourself and your limitations; caring for yourself and being aware of your body`s messages; creating a supportive environment; asking yourself constantly what you want and need; using creative brainstorming to relieve stress; and asserting yourself to make your needs known.

Source: Travis, J.W & Ryan, R.S. (2004). Wellness Workbook: How to Achieve Enduring Health and Vitality, Third Edition, Berkeley CA: Celestian Arts.

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