How to Cure Dyslexia: Part 2

Source: New American

Can a dyslexic actually cure himself of his reading disability? Yes. Anyone who wants to do so can learn how English’s 26 letters stand for 44 irreducible speech sounds, just as anyone who wants to learn to read Russian would have to learn to recognize the 32 letters of the Russian alphabet and the sounds they stand for.

The process is the same, except that if you didn’t speak Russian, someone who did would have to articulate the sounds for you. Some Russian instruction books give the equivalent sound in English of a particular Russian letter. In other words, if you were shown their equivalents in the English alphabetic system, you would be able to articulate the Russian sounds yourself. However, since the letter writer quoted in part one of How to Cure Dyslexia is an intelligent and “posh” speaker of English, he should have no trouble articulating the isolated sounds our letters stand for.

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