Buying up Australia

Source: Today Tonight

Foreign corporate giants are buying up our best farmland, and the question is: should we encourage the investments, or worry about what it will mean?

While some argue that this is the sort of investment that’s good for the country, others worry that our best produce is being shipped away, with few benefits for Australians.

Farms are falling under the hammer on a weekly basis, but not to Aussie farmers. It’s foreign countries, and their companies, that are buying up.

We might have been built ‘off the sheep’s back’, but now some believe that wool is being pulled over our eyes.

Farmer Richard Bennett and his family own a large sheep and cattle grazing property in the New South Wales Snowy Mountains. Close by to them, a larger property – Biggam – has recently sold to an offshoot of the giant Nanshan Group – a massive Chinese company that makes the top 200 enterprises in China.

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