Q&A: Enzymes

Question: Discuss the benefits of enzymes.

Answer: Enzymes help with so many imbalances because:

  • they are health promoting
  • they help restore the amount of enzymes that is destroyed by any cooking.
  • slow down the aging process by building up the levels of enzymes and destroying the free radicals.
  • increase the rate of recovery
  • support the immune system
  • they help detoxify the body and free up energy for other bodily processes.

The Law of Adaptive Secretion states that any living organism will secrete sufficient amount and no more of digestive enzymes required to digest a certain food. Therefore, if we consume food in its natural live form which already contains sufficient digestive enzymes, our bodies will need to secrete less digestive enzymes for the food’s efficient digestion.

Source: Cousens, G. (2000). Conscious Eating. Barkley: North Atlantic Books.

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