108 Milligrams Of This Common “Nutrient” Can Kill A Man

Source: GreenMedInfo

If you knew that cyanide was found in common mass market products, at any dose, would you consume them?  Probably not, correct? Well then, how do you feel about a chemical 4 times more toxic than cyanide? Would you consume that intentionally, or avoid it?

Enter the strange case of sodium selenate, a byproduct of copper metal refining, and which is actually proudly listed as a “nutrient” on the labels of many mass market products, presumably as a key selling-point!

Forgive us for the redundancy here, but it is 4 times more lethal than sodium cyanide. It only takes .4 milligrams (that’s 250 micrograms, or 250 millionths of a gram!) to kill 50% of the rats who are made to ingest it. A human, weighing 275 times more than a rat, has a 50% chance of dying if consuming 108 milligrams of the stuff!

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