Tao Te Ching – Working Out, Working Within

Defined as walking the way of wisdom, basic concepts of the Tao Te Ching include breath-watching, visualization and affirmation.  Authors Lynch and Huang of Working Out, Working Within, state that success in life is attained through following several Tao principles:

  1.  Spontaneity – through being spontaneous you learn personal power and attain self-discovery.
  2.  Non-interference – work with nature not against it, follow the path of least resistance
  3.  Stillness in Motion/Movement – through focusing on the act.
  4.  Polarity Balancing – understand that all has two polarities and accept it.
  5.  Change & Transformation – have the flexibility to change in accordance to the natural cycles.
  6.  The Vital Force of Life – learn that all is made up of chi, and learn how to harness the power of it.
  7.  Personal Power – see setbacks as strengths, opportunities to grow, and understand that power is achieved by not seeking power at all.
  8.  Windflow Grace – naturally swim with the flow, not against it and enjoy the process.

 Source: Working Out, Working Within, by Jerry Lynch and Chungliang Al Huang

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