Elevated testosterone levels

Source: Today Tonight

We’re all familiar with the term ‘it’s a man’s world’, and that mentality is having a dramatic effect on some women trying to make their way in it.

There is a growing number of women with soaring male hormones, and the serious consequences that come with that.

The disorder is more common in Australia that almost anywhere else in the world.

Unusual fits of rage, emotional slumps, and even physical changes are all symptoms that are too often brushed over as stress, or the side effects of a busy life.

In reality though, they are the signs of something else entirely. Australian women are suffering from a condition nicknamed ‘the beast within’.

Nurse and naturopath Sam Beau Patrick has seen a massive jump in women with high male hormone levels – dangerously high amounts of testosterone that are not injected, like some athletes, but produced by women themselves.

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