Honey, an alternative to hormone replacement therapy

Source: Nigerian Tribune

The next time you enjoy honey on your biscuits or toast, thank the honeybees for its gift of honey. Honey, man’s first and most reliable source of sweetener and an excellent substitute for sugar, has amazing benefits to health. Its benefits, surprisingly, have less to do with its nutritional value but  more with its health benefits.

Quite remarkable is the unique composition of honey, which makes it a dressing for wounds and a more effective cough suppressant for children over a year old than other widely used cough medicines. Substances in honey help to maintain a moist healing environment, banish infection, promote new skin growth and prevent scarring.

In fact, a recent Indian study involving burn patients found that honey was vastly superior to conventional treatments in suppressing infection and in speeding healing.

It is exciting to see scientists validating the use of honey in reducing menopausal syndrome. A study, which evaluated whether Malaysian Tualang honey was effective in reducing menopausal syndrome in female rats, found that honey could be an alternative to hormone replacement therapy (HRT).

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