VIDEO: The Insanity of India’s Gigantic ‘Gujarat Special Investment Region’

Source: Daily Bell

Narendra Modi is the megalomaniac current Chief Minister of the Indian state of Gujarat and has embarked on a project called the GIDB Dholera Special Investment Region (SIR) that is apparently to reshape the entire industrial northwest of india.

This SIR was brought to my attention by feedbacker Trimergo, who commented on the recent Daily Bell article, “Foundering of the Indian Infrastructure.”

This DB staff article pointed out that India’s public/private orientation toward building state infrastructure was hopelessly corrupt. The Economist magazine, in recommending more of the same, was only suggesting that the problem should compound itself in order to create a solution.

Actually, as has been pointed out, insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result. The Gujarat SIR is a perfect example of the insanity now stalking the Indian subcontinent.

India has within its borders perhaps the world’s oldest cities and civilizations and the state of Gujarat encompasses some of India’s ancient regions. It is ironic that this latest manifestation of Western industrial pathology should take root in such an ancient, storied land.

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