The Attack on our Seeds

Source: Salem News

Genetic engineering is an imperfect technology. It is a cell invasion technology through which inter-specie barrier is transcended.

Once again, our seeds are under attack. Trans-national seeds companies like Monsanto, Syngenta and Bayer are pushing genetically modified [GM] seeds in India without proper biosafety assessment. It is now scientifically known that when GM seeds are sown and plants flower, non-GM plants are contaminated through cross-pollination, and all life forms are contaminated through horizontal transfer of genetic traits. The contamination is irreversible. Once our seeds are contaminated with GM organisms, the contamination is in perpetuity.

Genetic engineering of seeds

Genetic engineering [GE] technology allows patenting of seeds; it has no other purpose. Natural seeds are taken and their genes spliced by one of several methods. The altered genetic trait in a natural seed is then patented. These seeds neither increase yield nor enhance nutritive content of foods; nor do they increase yield by reducing crop losses due to pest attacks or helping plants withstand vagaries of weather. But patented seeds ensure huge profits for multinational corporations.

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